Erkan Kemiksizgil Interview on Digital Marketing

Erkan Kemiksizgil: How Digital Marketing Will Change 2020

In just a short amount of time, a new decade is upon us. A lot has changed in the last couple of decades with digital marketing, and there will be plenty of change heading into this decade as well.

Erkan Kemiksizgil has been keeping up with digital marketing for years now, so he has a good idea of what to expect in the future. With marketers getting stronger than ever, everyone needs to keep up, or fall behind.

Artificial intelligence will only get stronger

If it seems like artificial intelligence is taking over in many walks of life, it is. In digital marketing, that will continue to be the case as well. It’s better to get in on artificial intelligence now before it is too late.

By using AI, it just makes relatively mundane tasks much easier. It’s also easier to gather information, put it to good use and become smarter overall.

Chat bots

Connected to artificial intelligence specifically are chat bots, which help digital marketers communicate with potential customers without having to be available. Chat bots can handle a lot of different questions down the way, and they are available 24 hours a day as well.

Getting that initial engagement is going to help in so many different ways. Digital marketers love the fact that chat bots are now very easy to use, even for individuals who don’t have a huge budget. Pay close attention to them over the next decade, as customer service, in general, is replaced by chat bots more and more.

Video marketing

Towards the end of this past decade, people started to realize just how much value video marketing brings to the table. It is now easier than ever to view video marketing not only at home, but on the go. It’s easy to consume information, and people can’t seem to get enough of it.

It is essential to focus on video marketing in some capacity. Not only do they have great conversion rates, but it’s one of the most efficient ways to reach out to new customers. The best part is, the younger generation loves video. This is a part of marketing that will only grow in the coming years, as the younger generation earns more buying power.

Influencers matter

Some people are a bit indifferent to influencers and marketing, but it looks like they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Influencers have a very broad reach, and just a single post or video can pay off hugely.

It seems like influencers also have very loyal followers. It’s important to make sure that when working with an influencer, they don’t have an artificially inflated list of people helping them out.

Influencers also can make a marketing campaign go viral without much effort. Getting that initial reach out there in front of so many people can pay off quite a bit, and if it’s a good product, the growth will come organically after that.

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